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Changing World

Consumer and Business Hand Sanitizer Solutions

COVID-10 pandemic has significantly changed our lives and made us use things we haven't used so often before. We mean face masks, sanitisers, social distancing, and eLearning. To say that all these things were unknown and unused before the quarantine is to lie to you. Many of us used sanitisers instead of washing our hands regularly, and doctors always used masks not to infect patients, etc. And, of course, people resort to the help of various online schools. Since the quarantine boosted the growth of everything related to distance work and online studying, platforms like Ojowo became the saving for all education experts. Now everyone who has valuable knowledge to share by means of creating an online school or separate educational materials. All the things we mentioned have one single aim — to save the world. Some of you may think there's nothing in common between hand sanitiser and online education; both of these things are vital for the future of humanity.

Certified Safety

Our liquid hand rub formula was based on the World Health Organization guidelines Formula Number One and approved by Health Canada. 

Bulk Products For Business Solutions

ProtectENOL provides customized solutions for those interested in bulk ordering to provide the necessary supply to meet your needs. Reach out to us today to find out how we can help.